Mother's Day Menu- Sunny Bouquet

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What if I don't want anything from this menu?

These will be the only products we will offer from May 1st-May 14th due to large order volumes and the price increase in roses from our farms.


What if I need flowers on those dates but it's not for Mother's Day?

You are more than welcome to choose a topper like 'Happy Birthday' or anything else from a separate occasion. You however will still have to choose a product from this menu.

Why do these roses cost a bit more?

In order to process literally millions of rose stems for an event that occurs on one single day, everyone involved in growing, producing, packing, distribution, order taking, arranging, delivering, etc is faced with the many extra costs, with labor being one of the biggest expenses.

Why cant I choose a wrapping or ribbon color?

Due to our florists making hundreds of orders each we will need to keep it simple by using the 4 different wrapping colors pictured. Please note you will receive one of the four colors and you can not customize further than your rose color. The ribbon color will match your bouquet.

When will my bouquet be delivered? Can I choose a specific delivery time?

Your bouquet will be delivered anywhere from 7am-7pm. Due to the possible hundreds of orders each delivery driver will have, we can not guarantee a specific delivery time. We do recommend putting in a home address or even picking up so you know exactly when the person receives it! We do send an email/ text when an order has been delivered. 

What will be the store hours on Mother's Day?

The store hours will be 7am-7pm. We recommend coming early to make sure you get an arrangement before we sell out. You are able to pick up pre-orders at any time.

Will you have anything available in store?

Yes we will have everything on the Mother's Day menu as well as some products you do not see here. Please note we will be making these products with all leftover supplies and we can not guarantee anything specific. You are more than welcome to come look at what we have the day of.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. You can have a gift card issued to you with the amount spent or we can change the order for anyone else.

Response times

Please be patient to us as we usually receive hundreds of messages and calls a day in February. Note we also ship all over the USA! We will have designated employees responding all day and working as diligently as possible but please be patient and understanding. If you feel ignored, a message may have been missed please kindly remind us after 24-48 hours.


Please note topper colors can vary from gold, silver, red, or different shades of pink. This is also stated in their descriptions. 

Why does my greenery and fillers look different than pictured?

Please note this will not be an exact replica of the photo. Every bouquet will have beautiful matching fillers but due to the large order volume they can not be replicated each time. Please expect seasonal fillers due to inventory and stock.

Why do my roses look different than the photo?

Please note our farms send us what they have in stock. This is out of our control but we use them to create beautiful arrangements. You may see heart shaped red roses, or different shades of the pink and white. 

If your bouquet is damaged for any reason contact us within 24 hours with photos.

Why is there yellow on my pink roses?

Please rest assured your roses are not 'dying' and are indeed fresh! We receive shipment of roses 2-4 times a week straight from Ecuador & Columbia and they are always fresh! This is very normal and is mostly seen on a pink rose by the name of 'Rosita Vendela' These petals can be plucked and they will look even more beautiful as they continue opening up!